Epsilon Rollers


High-Performance Rollers

EPSILON's carbon fiber tubes are manufactured with 2 patented and proprietary processes:

EPSILON Pullwinding tubes

Long run process for large series of standard size, based on EPSILON's pultrusion expertise.

EPSILON K1 tubes

Pultruded stiffners sandwiched between several filament winding layers, for small series and custom-made Rollers.

As a superior alternative to traditionnal solutions:

  •  Filament Winding and Sheet Wrapping
  •  Steel and Aluminim Rollers



Key features of tomorrow's machines

Faster, Lighter, Stiffer

Demonstrating a high level of engineering  capabilities and composite manufacturing expertise, EPSILON COMPOSITE has developped a complete range of  technical Rollers, with  applications in plastic films, printing, non-woven and electronics industries.

Vital Functions

EPSILON takes the best of carbon fiber unmatched properties to guarantee superior performance versus standard solutions:

  •  exceptional  specific stiffness
  •  optimal vibration damping
  •  exceptional dimensional stability



To replace metals & other composites

  • Total integration, from Design to Qualification, Manufacturing and final inspection
  • Superior capabilities:
    • Stiffness up to 400GPa
    • Length up to 12m
    • Run-out < 5 µm
  • Surface functionalities
    • Abrasion  & cut resistance
    • Impact & shock resistance
    • Non-stick & anti-friction
    • Chemical resistance
    • Anti-static or insulating
  • Coating technologies
    • Reinforced Composite Coating
    • Thermal spray (metal, ceramics, polymers)
    • Metal plating (nickel, chrome) & cladding