Epsilon Composite is a worldwide leader in Carbon Composite design and manufacturing. We offer custom high performance Carbon Composite solutions for most demanding professional applications, built on thirty years of experience and an exclusive composite know-how in industrial processes such as pultrusion, filament winding, machining, bonding, NDT…


From ultra-deep oil extraction to aircraft structural parts, from printing machines to architecture, Epsilon Composite provide to its customers worldwide outstanding performance and weight savings in toughest environments, based on innovative designs and patented technologies.


Our local divisions in France, Americas, Japan and Central Europe allow us to support our customers worldwide through 4 Strategic Business Units:

- Epsilon Industries delivers profiles and finished parts for industrial and civil engineering markets

- Epsilon Rollers is specialized in technical rollers and shafts for converting industries (printing, plastic film, non-woven…)

- Epsilon Energy is a mass series production unit for cables, wind industry and oil & gaz applications

- Epsilon Aerospace is a Tier-1 supplier of Aircraft manufacturers for struts and profiles


Stéphane LULL, founder and CEO:

“When I started EPSILON’s adventure in 1987, we had everything to build from scratch: the technology, the market base and the image of carbon fiber products, restricted at that time to exotic high tech and military applications.

My vision then was to spread out the use of carbon fiber with the help of a mass production process: Pultrusion. After many years, it became a reality for us, since we are currently delivering 200 clients on the five continents!”


Alexandre LULL, Deputy CEO :

The main driver for our success was of course innovation ! With >10% of our budget dedicated to R&D and numerous patents filed, innovation has always been a part of Epsilon DNA. For 30 years, we have therefore provided to our customers performance enhancements that allowed them to outperform their competitors.

Another key factor of success is industrial excellence, based on lean practices and continuous improvement, to guarantee our customers get the best performance, for the best price and with the shortest lead-time.

Finally, our performance relies above all on shared fundamental values such as trust, customer-centric approach and personal commitment to reach our common goals.


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