The company

Epsilon Composite is a world leader in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre-based composite material parts.

30Epsilon Composite’s expertise is based on 30 years of expertise and innovation in carbon fibre, pultrusion and other industrial processes such as filament winding, composite machining, bonding, non destructive testing, etc.

More than 80% of the company’s turnover is generated from exports in the industrial, energy and aeronauticalfields of activity. From ultra-deepwater oil exploitation to aircraft structural parts, from printing machines to civil engineering structures, Epsilon Composite uses patented technologies and innovative solutions to provide its customers around the world with performance improvements in the most hostile of environments.

A family business with a strong identity, Epsilon Composite has always ranked the satisfaction of its employees on the same level as that of its customers and suppliers. This is why the company has set up a collaborative business model in order to share the wealth created by its business activities with its regional network.