Global Industrie Award 2023

Glad to receive the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE Award 2023 with our partner Somocap, from the hands of Pierre Lescure, the French Industry Minister, and Nicolas Dufourcq, head of BPI France. The award is for our hybrid thermoset thermoplastic overmoulding process applied to carbon fiber tubes and profiles, in the category “exemplary partnership”.

Epsilon Composite at the Global Industrie Award 2023.

This technology provides our clients in aerospace, industry and agriculture outstanding performance and cost savings as compared with traditional solutions such as bonding or riveting. It also allows the flexibility to create complex geometric shapes for connecting elements, integrating various functionalities into a single operation. It’s also a more sustainable manufacturing process than bonding, with much lower induced green house gas emissions and waste.
By replacing traditional structural methods, we offer improved reliability, reproducibility, and competitiveness for the production of various structural elements such as struts, robotic parts or any type of parts with end-fittings.

The field proven technology is qualified by OEM such as Airbus as well as several machines and robots manufacturers, with mature large series production in place.
We look forward to push the potential of this efficient structural assembly process even further for various industries.

Example of thermoset / thermoplastic overmoulding process applied to different carbon fiber tubes and profiles.

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