Technical carbon fibre rollers for the printing industry (flexo & offset)

Epsilon Composite is a specialist in rollers and technical parts for flexographic and offset printing machines.

Flexography, also known as flexo, is an innovative printing method that uses a flexible plate to transfer ink directly to various substrates such as plastic, metal foils, cellophane, paper or cardboard. Flexo printing is most often used for printing food and beverage packaging.

Offset printing is another popular printing technology that uses electrostatic aluminium plates to transfer ink to the substrate; it is widely used to print newspapers and magazines, as well as labels.

Performance test report

Objective: demonstrate the effectiveness of the EPSILON carbon composite solution

  • A unique process for the design and manufacture of carbon tubes that achieves unparalleled mechanical characteristics (longitudinal and transverse stiffness) thanks to the “K1” technology that combines the benefits of pultrusion and filament winding.
  • A level of stiffness allowing direct attenuation or even suppression of bouncing
  • A product that meets the printer’s productivity objectives:
    • Reduction of machine downtime
    • Reduction of adjustment times (adhesives, sleeves, plates, etc.)
    • Maintenance of printing speed

Product focus: carbon adapters

After extensive tests, EPSILON has defined 3 classes of adapters representative of the needs of printers, which are based on feedback received from machine manufacturers and printers:

– Class A (very high stiffness): CyK1on Star
– Class B (high stiffness): CyK1on Evolution
– Class C (standard stiffness): CyK1on Essential

CyK1on Essential adapters already offer an improvement in print quality at a moderate speed over standard steel, fibreglass or carbon solutions.
CyK1on Star and CyK1on Evolution adapters allow you to increase print speed without compromising quality.

While other manufacturers copied this product segmentation, Epsilon Composite remains the only supplier able to offer class A adapters (CyK1on Star), thanks to patented K1 technology.

  • CyK1on Star: the most efficient adapters that can be produced in series while maintaining a good level of competitiveness. They are in increasing demand by both machine manufacturers and printers, and are suitable for the most demanding printing jobs, combining technical specifications and high printing speed.
  • CyK1on Evolution: the carbon composite adapters most commonly produced by EPSILON, suitable for demanding printing jobs (colour gradients, large solids, numerous breaks, etc.) at high speeds (productivity/competitiveness).
  • CyK1on Essential: carbon adapters with standard stiffness that improve print quality at moderate speed, or increase print speed while maintaining good quality.

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