Composite materials & carbon fiber

Different composites

Composites are heterogeneous materials made up of a matrix and a reinforcement. It is the combination of two materials with very distinct properties that makes it possible to obtain a new material with extraordinary properties. This principal is alive and well both in nature (wood, shells, etc.) and in materials that have been used for hundreds of years (concrete and reinforced concrete, rubber tires, etc.), but it is best known when used in fibrous textile reinforcements, such as glass, carbon or aramid fiber (Kevlar), etc.

Carbon fiber

Developed in the 1950s in Japan and the United States, carbon fibers have extraordinary physical properties: they are lightweight, resistant and rustproof.
Their high cost has long reserved their use for aerospace and military applications. Stéphane LULL’s vision when he founded Epsilon Composite in 1987 was to spread the use the use of this wonderful material throughout the industry and in our everyday lives, particularly by means of the pultrusion process.
To obtain a composite material, carbon fibers are generally impregnated with an organic matrix (the “resin”) and then formed in a heating mould in the shape of the desired part.

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Epsilon-composite: complex profiles

Epsilon Composite, a specialist in carbon pultrusion since 1987, has mastered both:

  • Mechanical dimensioning of composite materials
  • The formulation of Matrix systems (epoxy, vinylester, polyurethane, thermoplastic, etc.)
  • The implementation of the pultrusion process (impregnation means, speeds, thermal, etc.) with all types of carbon fibers (high resistance, intermediate modulus, high modulus and ultra-high modulus)
  • The implementation of different production processes that work in harmony with pultrusion (filament winding, infusion, injection, etc.)
  • Machining, assembly and control techniques

The mastery of all these skills makes it possible to offer customers composite material solutions adapted to their needs at a competitive price

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