Our solutions

Epsilon Composite develops innovative custom solutions for its clients so they can tackle complex problems:

  • Increase in performance ( increase productivity, stiffness, mechanical resistance, etc.)
  • Durability in the most hostile environments
    (resistance to corrosion, environmental aggression, wear, fatigue, etc.).

Our unique expertise in composite materials and how they are used allows us to offer solutions adapted to each client’s needs:

  • Semi-finished profiles: tubes, rods, flat rolled products and raw profiles of complex shapes produced by pultrusion or pullwinding.
  • Finished products: parts ready to be mounted on our clients’ machines or equipment, manufactured from our pultruded profiles.

We invite you to discover our R&D project management methodology, advantages offered by carbon fibre-based composite materials, and the principal technologies we use.

Epsilon: Research & Development

Research & Development

Our R&D teams develop innovative solutions to meet your needs and provide you with performance improvements, from project management to qualification and series production.

Composite materials & carbon fiber

Composites are heterogeneous materials consisting of two phases: a matrix and a reinforcement. It is the combination of two materials with very different properties that results in a new material that benefits from having both properties.

Epsilon Composite: Technologies

Technologies & manufacturing processes

Method for the continuous processing of semi-finished profiles made from composite materials and the core business of Epsilon Composite, a world leader in carbon pultrusion since 1987

Case studies

Reconstruction of the roof of the Clos des Cordeliers

5x lighter than steel, 10x stiffer than wood, corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant, our carbon fiber parts are used for architectural purposes

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The Widening of Westgate Bridge in Melbourne

The Westgate Bridge in Melbourne is a slender structure with a span of 336 meters in the center, and a height of 58 meters…

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MATAF Pedestrian Bridge in Mecca

When Saudi Arabia started the Mataf extension project with the aim of absorbing the increase in number of pilgrims to Mecca…

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