Carbon composite solutions for industrial applications: machine parts, giant telescope rods, agricultural tools, and more.

For 30 years, Epsilon Composite has been offering its customers specific solutions to improve the performance of their machines or products by using carbon fibre. Pultrusion and pullwinding processes allow them to make the most of this material, complete with its exceptional mechanical and physico-chemical properties, while also offering a competitive price compared to traditional metal solutions (steel, aluminium, etc.) or other composite solutions such as fibre glass.

A world leader in carbon pultrusion and an expert in the manufacture of composite parts for industry for more than 30 years, Epsilon Composite designs and manufactures finished parts, that are ready to assemble.
Our carbon profiles can therefore be machined and assembled along with other components, using technologies developed by our teams to perfectly meet the needs of the industry.

Control of the complete chain, from the formulation of the materials to the final inspection, allows us to guarantee both the performance and conformity of our production.

Examples of applications:

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