Research & Development

Epsilon Composite teams develop innovative solutions to meet industry needs and deliver performance improvements

Project management from A to Z: from the initial idea to serial production, including qualification and prototyping.

Composite parts engineering is different from conventional metal parts engineering: working on an anisotropic material (different properties depending on the direction) and heterogeneous materials requires design and production rules to be followed in order to fully benefit from the advantages offered by these high-performance materials.
This very specific knowledge is complemented by a development process that needs to be implemented from the very first study, and continued until stabilised industrial production is achieved.
Relevant milestones allow each step to be validated in order that smooth progress is made and any technical risks are managed. Epsilon Composite uses the “TRL” scale (Technology Readiness Level), which is frequently used in the aerospace, defence and other industries. This method includes 9 milestones encompassing stages from concept through to operational validation.

These milestones allow our clients to clearly monitor the progress of their project and to manage their risks in order to guarantee their objectives are achieved:

  • Respect for deadlines.
  • Performance achievement.
  • Cost control.

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Epsilon Composite’s R&D team is made of more than 30 engineers and technicians, with a dedicated budget to develop innovative materials, technologies and products.
For more than 35 years, this ambitious innovation strategy has been the driving force behind the company’s success as a pioneer in composite materials. It provides our customers with high-performance industrial solutions that give them a decisive competitive advantage in their market.
The majority of the company’s innovations are based on internal expertise, while some are patented in order to protect our intellectual property form copying and counterfeiting.
Epsilon Composite owns more than 100 patents worldwide and has acquired strong expertise in intellectual property management.

Some examples of innovative projects

Designer furniture

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Optimfloor-100% composite aircraft floor

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Vertiwind: vertical axis wind turbine

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EFFIWIND – wind turbine blade stiffeners

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Reconstruction of the roof of the Clos des Cordeliers

5x lighter than steel, 10x stiffer than wood, corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant, our carbon fiber parts are used for architectural purposes

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The Widening of Westgate Bridge in Melbourne

The Westgate Bridge in Melbourne is a slender structure with a span of 336 meters in the center, and a height of 58 meters…

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MATAF Pedestrian Bridge in Mecca

When Saudi Arabia started the Mataf extension project with the aim of absorbing the increase in number of pilgrims to Mecca…

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