Carbon fiber lattice structure for machine gantries

Machine gantries using a lattice structure composed of carbon fiber tubes and struts

Date: 2004-20XX
Quantity: small series, depending on customer projects

These machine gantries use a lattice structure made with carbon fiber tubes and struts, manufactured per kilometer in pullwinding in workshops.

Pullwinding significantly reduces costs and improves performance compared with tubes manufactured using filament winding, rolling tables or other traditional processes. Compared with these traditional processes, pultrusion achieves a high fiber volume (>65%), provides longitudinal fibers at 0°, and requires very few manual operations.

Epsilon has over 20 years’ recognized expertise in the design of structural connecting rods and adapted end fittings, as well as in assembly methods (such as structural bonding or composite overmolding), enabling us to supply our customers with complete connecting rods, assembled in our workshops and ready for machine assembly to customer specifications.

See the carbon machine beams product page for more information.

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