Reconstruction of the roof of the Clos des Cordeliers

Reconstruction of the roof of a 13th century historic building using carbon fiber masts, in Saint Emilion (France).

5x lighter than steel, 10x stiffer than wood, corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant, our carbon fiber parts are used for architectural purposes to restore exceptional structures, such as the Clos des Cordeliers, a vast 13th century cloister in Saint Emilion, the roof of which needed to be completely rebuilt.

Client : constructional work managed by Calès Technologies et Architecture Patrimoine.

The challenge to overcome: Rebuild the roof of an historic structure by reconciling the architect’s wishes (for visible and discreet mast trusses), while adhering to installation constraints and construction standards for a public facility.

Solution provided: Epsilon Composite delivered masts based on a proven tie-rod design (standard tube made by pullwinding + glued metal end caps), after a design phase carried out in close collaboration with the project owner and the architect, allowing design evolutions and technical constraints discovered during the project to be integrated.

Reconstruction of the roof of a 13th century historic building with carbon fiber masts

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