Solar Decathlon: 5 awards for the Baitykool project

3rd place for BaityKool in the classification for VIRTUe – Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 !

The 2018 edition of this inter-university challenge was held in Dubai, where teams from all over the world were selected to participate in the final of the competition, with the objective of creating and testing a solar and ecological habitat.

Very good performance for team BaityKool who won:
– 1st prize in Energy efficiency
– 1st prize in Sustainable Development
– 2nd prize in Architecture
– 3rd prize in Energy and construction
– Special Prize for photovoltaic integration

For this last prize, BaityKool designed an incredibly innovative mobile photovoltaic roof. 14 wood/carbon beams of 9.7 meters span each, upon which are fixed 84 photovoltaic modules offering a nominal solar production of more than 6kW. Made by CILC in partnership with Epsilon Composite, the beams have been designed with Carboglulam technology, a glued wood/carbon assembly, 1.5 times stiffer than 100% wood solutions and capable of resisting winds of greater than 160 km/h.

Congratulations and thanks to the whole team at BaityKool, as well as to the partners and contributors to the project!

University of Bordeaux
Nouvelle Aquitaine Region