Composite cables and cable reinforcements can be used to replace traditional steel or stainless steel solutions on high-voltage power lines, ombilicals for the oil industry, braces (water applications, civil engineering, industry, etc.) or for load lifting applications (cranes, elevators, etc.)

Raw pultrusion reinforcements or complete cables

Epsilon Composite’s cable solutions combine lightness and strength to meet the most stringent requirements.

Epsilon Composite can supply the raw profile, which constitutes the body of the cable, delivered in rolls of up to 10 km in length, or custom at the desired length.
Whether round shapes (from Ø3 to Ø30 mm, or even greater if necessary), flat or specific shapes, several solutions can be offered according to your needs.

Epsilon Composite can also integrate additional functions such as a surface coating as well as tips/anchors.

The ends can be made according to your needs or specifications:

  • Metal tips
  • Composite tips
  • Fixing with or without gluing

Performance chart

Ø câble  Weight /m Resistance (traction)
4 mm 20 g/m 2 500 Kg
6 mm 45 g/m 5 500 Kg
8 mm 80 g/m 10 000 Kg
10 mm 250 g/m 15 000 Kg

(other sizes available if required)

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