Carbon fiber rods

Carbon fiber composite rods manufactured in pultrusion

Our composite rods are manufactured in pultrusion in our French factory in Gaillan Médoc according to the strictest industrial standards.

  • Epoxy matrix (or other specific matrices as required),
  • High Strength (HR / HS), Intermediate Modulus (IM), High Modulus (HM) or Very High Modulus (THM / UHM) carbon fiber depending on the mechanical requirements.
  • Function integration (optical fiber, thermoplastic protective layer, glass fiber insulating layer…)
  • Customized section (from Ø3mm to Ø30mm)
  • Custom length, up to 10km

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Non-exhaustive list of our main standard rushes (custom size on request):

Product designationDiameterThicknessWeight/m
Rond Ø6,5UDHS6,5 mm6,5 mm53 g/m
Rond Ø8UDHS8,0 mm8,0 mm78 g/m
Rond Ø10UDHS10,0 mm10,0 mm121 g/m
Rond Ø12UDHS12,0 mm12,0 mm176 g/m
Rond Ø15UDHS15,0 mm15,0 mm276 g/m
Carborod Ø8*UDHS / UHM8,0 mm8,0 mm90 g/m
Carborod Ø10*UDHS / UHM10,0 mm10,0 mm144 g/m
Carborod Ø12*UDHS / UHM12,0 mm12,0 mm220 g/m

*Delivered with peel ply

Composite rods for electrical cable reinforcements

For more information on our activities in the high voltage cable sector, see

Below is an overview of our standard cable grommets (high temperature matrix Tg >200°c) and a summary of the associated physical and mechanical properties:

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