Carbon fiber paddles

With an optimal weight / rigidity ratio, Epsilon Composite carbon fiber paddles are easy to use and suitable for Stand Up Paddle or other watersport activities.

With its carbon shaft and anti-rotation system (D-shape), the Epsilon Composite paddle perfectly meets the needs of Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) enthusiasts.

The paddle axis being made of pullwinding, most of the fibers are arranged in a unidirectional way – optimal positioning for the paddle’s bending work.


  • Weight/stiffness ratio
  • Adjustable: from 170 cm to 210 cm
  • Profiled blade (565 cm²): easy to use,
  • Lightweight: 760 g
  • Comfortable to use: ergonomic handle, hand position markers
  • Buoyancy: greater than 5 minutes
Sea outings – Stand Up Paddle (photos and data courtesy of Décathlon – Itiwit)

What we do:

  • Development / manufacturing of carbon shafts (adjustable/non-adjustable, with anti-rotation system)
  • Development / manufacturing of other parts (paddles, handles, rings and locking systems)
  • Marking of shaft constituent tubes
  • Assembly and mass production of complete paddles
  • Worldwide delivery

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