Carbon fiber telescopic poles

Extendable or telescopic carbon fiber composite poles made from pultrusion & pullwinding for high or remote applications.

Developed to carry out cleaning, inspection and other remote operations, the telescopic boom is an essential tool today for outdoor work. Carbon is used in this instance to make the tools lighter weight, and they are most often made from aluminium or fibrerglass, to provide greater stiffness for more precise handling.

Epsilon Composite solutions

Principal features:

  • Up to 28 m long,
  • Carbon tubes, modulus E = 120 GPa, (2 x stiffer, and 1.7 x lighter than aluminium),
  • Integrated anti-rotation system ,
  • Two clamping systems are available: “Twist Lock” (top) andLever Lock(bottom).
Diameters of tubes (mm)
Twist LockØ36Ø32Ø28Ø25Ø22Ø19Ø16
Lever LockØ32Ø28Ø25Ø22Ø19Ø16Ø12

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