Special composite profiles

Profiles with complex cross-sections for specific needs.

Our profiles are made in France with the highest standards, using the pultrusion, pullwinding or K1 process

Full support from our experts

Reducing the weight and increasing the stiffness of machine components to improve their performance is a demand to which Epsilon Composite responds on a daily basis.

Our customers often want to switch from metal profiles to carbon composite profiles, and thanks to our know-how we can support them in this project: from the idea, through prototyping, to the weight supply of these specific profiles.

Our teams will be able to support you in your project and guarantee you an optimal solution!

Tailor-made services and materials

Thanks to the pultrusion and pullwinding processes, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions according to your individual requirements. Our experts are able to offer you:

  • Suitable materials:
    • Resin adapted to your specifications (operating temperature, mechanical properties, chemical contact, …)
    • Carbon fibres of all grades: high strength, intermediate modulus, high modulus and very high modulus; in coil, thread or fabric form.
  • Distinct stack profiles: in order to obtain the desired mechanical properties in different directions, it is generally necessary to have a composite of several layers oriented at specific angles.
  • Special feature integration:
    • Surface layer (electrical insulation, shock and abrasion protection, chemical protection …)
    • Optical fibre, cable or micro-core
  • Tailor-made inspection plans


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