XXL composite poles

Giant composite poles made of carbon fibers for non-standard uses, mobile or dismountable structures, etc.

Thanks to the patented K1 manufacturing process Epsilon Composite produces XXL poles based on a combination of pultrusion and filament winding, which offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • Length: up to 13m (or longer by assembling several sections together)
  • Circular or oval, straight or conical section
  • Thickness: up to 50mm
  • Stiffness: up to 400 GPa (twice as stiff as steel!)
  • Cost reduction possible with a mixed carbon fiber-glass fiber composite

These giant composite poles open up new possibilities for your structures:

  • Can be dismantled and easier to handle
  • Use on fragile soils or foundations
  • Transport possible in isolated areas
  • No corrosion

Epsilon Composite offers a complete service including:

  • Analysis of the specifications
  • Optimized design proposal
  • Product manufacturing
  • Product inspection (non-destructive and mechanical testing)
  • On-site delivery

See MATAF Gateway Case Study (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

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