Carbon fiber beams for industrial robots

Case study: CFRP beams for industrial robots

Date: 2003 – 20XX
Project status: in production
Quantity: small series

To produce these beams for industrial robots for a Japanese customer, we used a 100 x 100 x 4.25 mm square tube from our standard catalog, manufactured by the kilometer in our pultrusion workshops, with a specific paint chosen in conjunction with the customer.

Metallic end fittings adapted to the application were designed, machined and glued to the 2 ends to ensure the interface with the robot and optimum protection against impacts.

The use of a pultruded profile cut costs by more than 50% compared with traditional composite technology (filament winding, RTM or prepreg draping), significantly reducing material costs and labor time.
The use of standard tubes from our stock also enabled us to cut lead times by several months, and eliminate tooling costs (which are usually a real brake for small production runs).

See the carbon fiber machine beams product page for more information.

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