Carbocore® carbon fiber anchoring systems

CARBOCORE® are composite anchoring systems that allow to transfer tensile loads and improve the performance of carbon fiber fabric reinforcements.

CARBOCORE® anchoring rods must be used in combination with carbon fabrics, such as Epsilon Fabrics. For optimal results, they can also be used in combination with bonded CARBOLAM® plates.

They allow a stronger connection between strengthening elements and the old substrate, and eliminate any risk of corrosion which would normally occur when using steel connectors.

CARBOCORE® anchors are divided in 2 parts:

  • A part made to be anchored into concrete with a resin filler. As this part is already cured in our factory, its installation will be greatly facilitated.
  • A “whip” part, made for stratification with textile fabrics.

CARBOCORE® anchoring systems can go through any section of an element to reinforce or any adjoining element. In this case, both ends of the CARBOCORE® are made of whips and can be stratified with the composite parts they are linking.

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