Flat laminates – Carbolam ®

Ultra-stiff pultruded carbon fiber reinforcements for civil engineering structures and architectural structures.

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Known worldwide through the Carbolam® brand, Epsilon Composite is the world leader in the manufacture of flat carbon/epoxy laminates for the strengthening of civil engineering structures (bridges, buildings and various structures).

Traction modulus (E) 160 to 450 GPa
Tensile failure stress (σ) 1,500 to 3,000 MPa
Compression modulus (E) 130 to 380 MPa
Compressive failure stress (σ) 700 to 1,500 MPa
Interlaminar Shear Stress (ILSS) 70 to 100 MPa
Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)-0.6.10^(-6) to 0.6.10^(-6)
Glass transition temperature (Tg) 120 to 210°(C)

Values provided for information only

Thanks to deep expertise in pultrusion, Epsilon Composite delivers the most efficient flat carbon reinforcements on the market

  • Volume fraction of fiber (Vf) of 70%,
  • Peel-ply strip on both sides for optimal bonding,
  • Perfect fiber alignment.
Installation of Carbolam® in Santiago-Bernabéu (Real Madrid stadium)

Reinforcement of the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne: an unparalleled benchmark

In 2010, Epsilon Composite supplied Carbolam® carbon plates for what would become the largest bridge reinforcement project in the world:

  • 100 km of Carbolam® provided for the addition of an extra traffic lane,
  • Traffic kept flowing during the work thanks to the ease of implementation of the carbon solution.
  • Read the article in Composites World on the topic.
  • Read the case study on the project.

Carboglulam: evolution of Carbolam® for the manufacture of large carbon beams

Using patented technology, Carboglulam® beams consist of a successive assembly of carbon plates and are custom-made (length, width, thickness) to meet specific stiffness requirements, where Carbolam® is not sufficient anymore:

  • Tensile modulus (E) from 160 to 450 GPa
  • Shape: rectangular or bevelled. Can also be curved.
  • Length up to 10 metres (more on request)

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