Carbon fiber shafts

High Performance carbon fiber support shafts (also called mandrels) for flexographic printing machines.

Shafts are the main components of flexographic printing machines.

The printing carrier shaft allows a printing sleeve plate to be directly carried (depending on the design) or using an adapter.

The anilox carrier shaft is used to carry an anilox printing sleeve.

These shafts meet the same requirements for stiffness and dynamic stability as carbon fiber adapters and carbon fiber anilox, and meet the same purposes:

  • Attenuation/suppression of bouncing
  • Reduction of machine downtime
  • Reduction of pressure setting times
  • Reduction of adjustment times (adhesives, sleeves, plates, etc.)
  • Maintain/increase printing speed

Their dynamic imperfections will be irreparably transmitted to the elements they carry, so it is important to minimise them by dynamically balancing them.

Designed and calculated in our technical department, the pneumatic clamping shafts produced by Epsilon make use of the most efficient carbon tubes, thanks to the patented “K1” process.

SIZE:STORK: up to 1900mm
printing width: up to 2800mm
Other dimensions on request
MAINTENANCE:Resistant to conventional solvents used in flexo
printing. Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol is recommended
CONDUCTIVITY:Complies with the provisions of ATEX 95
STORAGE/TRANSPORT:Recommended storage in horizontal position, resting on each end
Protect shafts from shocks
Transport shafts in the box and on original supports



  • Integrated research and design office
  • 100% carbon tube performance control and measurement
  • 3 standard performance classes (stiffness A / B / C)
  • Tailor-made performance (stiffness) upon request
  • The carbon tube external surface is protected by a repairable / removable carbon coating >> PREVENTING performance loss over time
  • For larger diameters there are integrated air pipes within the carbon tube, installed using the patented K1 process (regulation of pressure equipment)
  • Possible to assemble printing sleeves or adapters that are shorter than the shaft >> twin pin system >> ball nozzles possible for the entire length of the adapter
  • EPSILON adapter after-sales service

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