Adjustable carbon fiber tie-rods

Epsilon Composite has developed and manufactures a complete range of adjustable tie rods to transmit structural forces or movements in a machine or aircraft.

These adjustable tie rods are commonly used in the aerospace industry as structural elements, for attaching equipment or for flight controls.

Epsilon Composite has developed a solution without bonding that guarantees the reliability of the parts obtained, in order to ensure the safety of flights.
This solution is based on industrial processes such as pultrusion and thermoplastic composite injection, which allows us to offer high-performance and competitive products for medium and large series.

Non-destructive testing of the tie rods makes it possible to prove compliance with the requirements (material soundness, dimensional, etc.).

Adjustable struts with thermoplastic composite metal-ended anchor nut.

Threaded inserts (no gluing required)

  • Dimensions: Ø16 to Ø90 mm
  • No length limitations
  • Adjustment range: up to ± 40 mm per strut.
  • Compression force and maximum traction: 150 kN.
  • Several end-piece configurations available (forks, ball joints …), standard or tailor-made.
  • Used for: secondary structure, interior cabin equipment mounting and suspension.
  • 60% increase in weight bearing capacity compared to metal struts.
  • Easily hand-adjustable length with no need for tools (optional)

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