Oil & gas

Pultruded carbon fibre solutions developed and produced by Epsilon Composite are an effective way of meeting the modern challenges of oil and gas exploration.

Oil is both a vital energy source (for the production of heat and electricity) and a first choice raw material for many essential by-products. Perhaps the most obvious of these being the fuel for internal combustion engines that allow us to move and transport our goods, although it should not be forgotten that oil is also the basic raw material that allows us to produce most of the objects and clothing we use every day!

Oil remains more than ever a precious resource because of its very high energetic power and the many by-products it produces.

Its increasing scarcity makes its exploitation increasingly difficult and complex: it is necessary to drill deeper and deeper (up to several kilometres below the ocean surface!), in extremely aggressive and corrosive environments (intense heat, salt water loaded with sulphur oxide, etc.).
Under these conditions, traditional steel solutions quickly reach their limits and the pultruded carbon fibre solutions (corrosion-proof and with very high mechanical strength) developed and produced by Epsilon Composite make it possible to effectively meet the needs of the oil industry:

  • Flexible risers
  • Ombilical cable reinforcements
  • Slick lines
  • Sucker rods…

Photo credits: TechnipFMC

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